Proxy vs VPN to Open Viber

VPN to unblock Viber, Proxy for unblocking Viber, VPN and Proxy to unblock ViberUse Proxy and VPN to open Viber in Dubai

The people living in Dubai cannot use Viber because it has been blocked in their country. Dubai is among those countries of the world where there are restrictions regarding opening different websites from the internet. Apart from Viber, some other blocked sites in Dubai are Netflix and BBC player.

There are two ways with which the user can open and use Viber while living in Dubai. Continue reading

How to open Viber for Dubai

Unblock Viber in DubaiOpen Viber in Dubai with the best VPN around

Viber works in Mac OS, Android,BlackBerry OS, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Windows. It was announced in 2010 for iPhone and then later in 2012 is started working in all other devices. It is a very widely used application that is used to send instant messages for free with the help of Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. Along with all this, the user can also send pictures, audio and video messages and make free calls. Continue reading

What is the most reliable VPN for Viber?

Opening Viber, How to open Viber, how to use Viber, Using Viber for free callsUse the most reliable and best VPN for opening Viber

Viber has been blocked in countries like Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and UAE. It is really unfortunate because Viber has recently become a must have app as most of the people over the world are using smart phones now. Applications like Viber make connecting to friends and family really easy. It allows the users to make free calls and send instant messages to everyone around them with a smart phone or PC. Not only that, but with Viber the user can send pictures, audio and video messages as well. With all of these amazing and easy to use features, Viber is a must have for people who like to stay connected. Continue reading

Setup Viber with VPN

How to Setup Viber with the help of VPN

Viber VPN is the one of the safest method to bypass the different Internet restrictions in UAE and other countries like Dubai and Kuwait. You don’t need to waste your money on expensive international calls from Dubai or UAE when you can use Viber VPN for this task and safe your money.

Viber setup for desktop, Viber installation windows desktop, how to install Viber

Setup Viber on Desktop First step

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How to Unblock Viber with VPN

VPN to unblock Viber, Viber free calls with VPN, Unblocking Viber with VPNGet to know How Viber can be Unblocked with VPN

There are some countries which disallow the use of this Viber. Luckily, there is a way to bypass Viber block and gain access to Viber. It can be done with the help of VPN. If you are looking for the most reliable VPN to unblock Viber, it is certainly available. Because Viber offers such rich and amazing features it is not possible not to take advantage of them just because it is blocked in your country. The best VPN that you will find is Wasel Pro. They are designed in such a way that it will completely hide your real identity by changing your IP address. This will make you invisible to the Government of your country and no one will ever know that you are using Viber with the help of Wasel Pro. Choose a VPN service for Viber that will give you all the benefits that Viber has to offer. This can be achieved by using this software. Continue reading

Unblock Viber on Windows 8 Phone

unblock Viber on Windows, Viber unblokcing Windows 8, how to unblock Viber on Windows phoneLearn how to Unblock Viber on Windows 8 Phone

The reason why viber is blocked in Muslim countries is because it offers free VoIP and allows the user to make free local and international calls. It is filtered and blocked by all the different internet providers in the city. This can become a great disadvantage for the people living in these places as they are unable to benefit from the different websites available on the internet. The countries where Viber is blocked is ‘Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai and UAE. Continue reading

How to use Viber on iPhone

How does Viber on iPhone works, Free calls on iPhone with ViberHow to use Viber on iPhone with the help of VPN

The best Viber VPN software for iPhone and all other OS devices is IWASEL. It allows the user of iPhone to easily use Viber whenever he wants to without ever having to worry that it might be blocked in his country. It is also gives a user the best trial VPN for Viber. With the free trial, the user has the ability to use Viber for ten minutes daily for an unlimited number of days. Such a facility is provided by IWASEL to satisfy the customer before making a payment. Once the user feels satisfied, he can purchase the app. The app does not cost much and works fast and keeps the users identity safe and hidden. Continue reading

Viber in Arabia for Android

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Start using Viber in Arabia from your Android Phone

Since Viber is blocked in Arabia, therefore the people living there are unable to take advantage of the different features that it offers. But, if the user wants to use Viber from their android phone while living in Arabia then he can do so with the help of Viber android VPN Arabia. A VPN is a server, which stands for Virtual Private Network. The work that it does is it changes the IP address of the user and replaces it with another. This way the user can perform secure browsing over the internet and use blocked sites or applications like Viber while living in UAE. Continue reading