Use Viber in China

As stated by a number of reports, Viber is the final service to be blocked in China.

The news was reported by a lot of websites like TechInAsia and was tweeted by, the non-profit monitoring organization. Though, it says that Viber is just “67% blocked,” some users were saying that Viber is still active for them.

Reports have been saying that users are not able to receive or send messages.

The same happened to KakaoTalk, Line, and Instagram before the services are blocked completely when the big Great Firewall fell.use viber in china

There is a thing blocking messages from being received and the Viber sign up page is not running well.

Some are saying that this is the Chinese government work to narrow the reins on security and dominate social media.

The blocked apps is a part of the outstanding protests in Hong Kong. Services has been blocked from Google Service, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Taptalk. Users are turning to use of other chatting service called WeChat.

All the signs are there with Viber but there is nothing we can do on the website. It works just in case of the VPN or the proxy is turned on. When Weibo was blocked many people turned to Viber which is blocked, they do not know what to do now.

This problem began when Viber was obtained by Rakuten, a Japanese company from February.

Tech In Asia faced no problem in accessing to WhatsApp and it is still qualified for working within China and there is no problem with it according to its relationship with the Facebook.

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    Probedor de servicio bloqueado

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