VPN for Viber in UAE and Oman

What is Viber?

Within the last few years, VoIP protocol was developed to enable Internet users to make voice calls using only Internet connection with a very high quality and very low charge or even no charges at all. One of the very famous and widely used VoIP applications is Viber. Viber was first launched to work on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod) later on versions to support Android OS devices, BlackBerry and Windows Phone has followed. Desktop versions for Windows and Mac OS are available too. Viber, doesn’t merely allow its users to make HD quality voice calls, but also allows them to text, share files and stickers. All these features are available for free!

vpn for viber

But unfortunately and sue to the fact that telecom companies revenue have been affected in a negative way, Viber was banned in some Middle East countries; including UAE and Oman.

Additionally, using free VoIP applications can put your device and your personal data at risk because VoIP calls are monitored.

VPN for Viber

Using VPN for Viber will not only enable you to unblock Viber wherever you are and enjoy all its great features freely, but also it will cloak your VoIP calls and keep them safe from eavesdropping.

Your online privacy is a priority, and you should start using a solid VPN service. Using a VPN service you will be allowed to hide your IP address and your identity online, by getting a new anonymous IP address that you will have the liberty to choose. Identity thieves and hackers, spammers or any other threat will not be given a chance. VPN connection will simply grant you the most secured and safe anonymous surfing without compromising your speed. You will safeguard your critical data while you’re using a public unprotected Wi-Fi network such as these that can be found at hotels, coffee shops or airports.

What is the best VPN for Viber

Disconnection while having an important phone call can be very frustrating. That is why while searching for VPN for Viber you need to keep in mind that you’re looking for connection stability in the first place.

Thanks to Lzo compression technique, your connection speed will be boosted and will be more stable because you are connected to a global network of European or American VPN servers.

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