Viber Vs Whatsapp Calls Plus All the Details!

WhatsApp has totally changed the way individuals use texting administrations. Dissimilar to most texting applications around then, WhatsApp was singularly centered around cell phones as opposed to desktop ones. It was constructed from the very begin because of versatile, notwithstanding utilizing cell telephone numbers as client IDs rather than client chose ones. Continue reading Viber Vs Whatsapp Calls Plus All the Details!

Viber Chrome OS is Now Available!

You most likely recognize what Viber is and you presumably utilize it always, nearby Whatsapp and Facebook envoy. For those of you that have been living under a stone for as long as years, Viber is a texting and Voice over IP application for cell phones created by Viber Media. Other than instant messages and calls, Viber additionally permits you to send pictures, feature and sound media messages. Viber is accessible for each versatile Operating System out there, however it is additionally accessible on Windows, Mac and know it has an official Chrome OS Viber application that will permit each Chromebook client to make calls, feature calls and send messages by means of Viber, without utilizing their smarthpones. Continue reading Viber Chrome OS is Now Available!

Viber Desktop App Review for New Users

viber desktop app

Actuating Viber Desktop App was pretty much as simple as utilizing the cell phone form—the length of you’re a current Viber client. You essentially enter your cell telephone number into the desktop application, and afterward present an entrance code you get on your cell phone. A couple of minutes after the fact your Viber contacts will show up on your desktop.

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Unblock Viber Middle East with a VPN

unblock viber middle east

Yes, in the middle east, some countries are facing some Viber issues due to some countries restrictions, this article in about how to unblock Viber middle east with just using a proper VPN service provider.

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UnBlock all VOIP Services in the UAE!


VOIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, which would empower the client to impart both outwardly and orally with someone else through the web. VOIP is a live web imparting apparatus which additionally empowers document exchanges. On top of all these, VOIP calls are extremely shoddy. There are a great deal of VOIP administration suppliers, and by utilizing them, the individual or business association would have the capacity to chop down their expenses. Continue reading UnBlock all VOIP Services in the UAE!

Oman Viber Issue to be Fixed Right Now!

Is Oman Viber obstructed by your ISP? This is a standout amongst the most irritating circumstances confronted by individuals who go for work or recreation. Certain nations have VOIP administrations blocked with the goal that they can take advantage of telecom administrations. At the point when individuals have no other alternative, they need to utilize their phones to get back to home paying immensely tremendous adds up to the administration supplier. Continue reading Oman Viber Issue to be Fixed Right Now!

Unblock Viber UAE Using a VPN Service

unblock viber uae

Beside texting and making calls, Viber likewise has the choice to send average records, for example, pictures, sound, and feature. The length of the one you’re sending to has Viber introduced on his machine, you can send all the media records that you need. The best thing about it is that it’s just for nothing! Everything you need is a decent Internet association, and afterward you’re good to go. This is extremely helpful when you’re attempting to achieve somebody abroad. On the off chance that somebody you need to contact is abroad, the most ideal approach to correspond with them is through Viber. Continue reading Unblock Viber UAE Using a VPN Service

Unblock Viber in Saudi Arabia using BVPN

This is not the first run through when VPN administrations come to persuade us that they are greatly helpful and even irreplaceable in circumstances when we are restricted to get to destinations or when we are not ready to utilize applications inside or outside the nations where they are blocked. Through the following lines we will get to know what is viber and how can you unblock viber if you are in Saudi Arabia.

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No more Viber Blockage with WASEL Pro VPN service

The first Internet Phone known ever !!!!

first internet phone everAmplifiers, speakers, voice cards and modems long time ago were our first known usage for chatting and gossiping around when you expected to correspond with somebody on-line? This just worked when the other individual had the same prerequisites that suit your association. Beside the low quality of voice, your voice sign was essentially changed to voice parcels and transmitted through the web to whoever you were addressing wherever they are.  You were actually easily talking to your buddies over the internet. Continue reading No more Viber Blockage with WASEL Pro VPN service