Viber Desktop App Review for New Users

viber desktop app

Actuating Viber Desktop App was pretty much as simple as utilizing the cell phone form—the length of you’re a current Viber client. You essentially enter your cell telephone number into the desktop application, and afterward present an entrance code you get on your cell phone. A couple of minutes after the fact your Viber contacts will show up on your desktop.

On the off chance that you don’t have Viber’s cell phone application, then you can’t utilize Viber Desktop App.

On the off chance that you don’t have Viber on your telephone and attempt to introduce the Viber Desktop App on your PC, the application will divert you to its site and request that you introduce Viber on your telephone first.

Once introduced, you can utilize Viber Desktop App for PCs to make voice calls to other Viber clients, send an instant message, share a photograph, or make a feature call—a beta element accessible just for PCs.

Viber 3.0 additionally gives you a chance to exchange calls between cell phones and the desktop. In the event that you begin talking with a companion utilizing your Windows portable workstation, you can rapidly change to Viber on your cell phone or the other way around. The issue is both clients need to have Viber 3.0 for call exchanges to work, so you may need to sit tight for your companions to upgrade their applications before you can utilize this element.

This additionally means calls exchanges won’t work for Windows Phone or BlackBerry clients right now, as those stages haven’t got the Viber 3.0 overhaul yet.

viber desktop

Viber Desktop App execution

Call quality has dependably been really great with Viber, and the desktop application conveys that same experience to PCs in my tests on a Lenovo ThinkPad X220 running Windows 8. Feature calling was fine as well, offering about the same picture quality as Skype.

At this time, the Viber Desktop App is pretty barebones and depends vigorously on the portable side of the administration. You can just make voice calls to other Viber clients, while the cell phone application can course general telephone calls through your portable bearer’s system. Skype, by correlation, has a paid administration that gives you a chance to call landlines and cellular telephones in numerous nations around the globe.

Viber Desktop App likewise doesn’t have a choice to include contacts by means of the desktop application. Rather, it depends on your contacts from your cell phone that are synchronized with Viber’s servers.

While Viber Desktop App is an extraordinary expansion for existing clients, the torment of needing to set-up Viber on your cellular telephone before utilizing the desktop application make it an extreme offer for amateurs. The restricted list of capabilities of Viber’s desktop application additionally raises doubt about whether there’s much space for Viber in a space officially overwhelmed by Skype and Google Talk. That said, Viber’s capacity to switch live calls between gadgets is a decent element that Skype doesn’t have and could settle on Viber Desktop App an appealing decision for some.

Our suggestion? Give Viber Desktop App a spin in case you’re as of now an overwhelming client of the administration, however other people ought to adhere to its enormous name rivals. Skype and Google Talk’s desktop encounters are significantly more hearty than Viber‘s offering.

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